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Everyone's needs differ. Our services are vast - our pricing model is as simple as we can make it. Primarily we work by the hour - let us know what you need and we will provide a quote

Standard operating procedure
We like to meet with new clients and determine whether or not we will be able to meet their needs.

Price per hour for types of services are listed below. Please note that we quote each job up front. We want you to know the value of the work, prior to beginning.

We routinely offer certain services for free - such as emails and phone card . However, once services are delivered, additional support may be provided only via these methods. Monthly bills are sent for support services rendered. Once work is delivered, cilents have up to 30 days to request changes and ask for assistance at no charge. It is support services after this period {when most calls and emails come in} for which we charge.

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One on one or group training
Hourly rate base off a year contract for one hour per month or more

Copywriting, design & layout - support services {email and phone calls after work is delivered.}

Programming, trouble-shooting, site visits