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Customer Appreciation
Our customers are essential to our continued success. We appreciate the creativity, ideas and hard work they present us with.
We also like it when you appreciate us.

"It's been a pleasure to work with Janene in my website development. The personalized attention, the tips and training, have all proven that she goes above and beyond what is expected to make sure the end product is just want the customer ordered. Consider the job done when you ask Janene!"

Leicha Welton
7 Gables Inn & Suites

"Janene of Alaskan Web Pages did a great job of taking half an idea and turning it into our monthly html newsletter! Her creativity, layout and editing skills made it a huge success for us. Thanks, Janene!"

Larry Dunlap
Intelligent Life Games

www.intelgames.com and www.imperialwars.com

Financial center in the U.S.
Payday Loans ...

"Alaskanwebpages has helped me with my website for five years. [written in 2003] Janene created my original web, encouraged me to learn how to do some of the updates myself, and has always been helpful and enthusiastic. When I have run into problems she has responded promptly and effectively, even when the problem is with my computer.
She has made numerous house calls to help me correct the problems that do crop up from time to time, either from a mistake I made, or an inexplicable glitch.

Janene's web services are excellent and
I recommend her without reservation".

Dr. Allen Worrall
OB/GYN Ultrasound

"Janene is great to work with. She really listens to our needs, and is able to bring our ideas to 'virtual life.' She'll also do as much, or as little, of the day-to-day updating as you prefer. Very professional and personable."

Susan Miller
A Weavers' Yarn

Email us with a request for addresses and contact names. We'll happily provide a few clients that you may contact and ask for their opinion of the service we provide.

I had a blast working with an incredible team to develop a 'look and feel' for an online game. Mostly, I was involved in getting the word out via a newsletter.

Usa calling card


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